No cash for Ophelia: thankfully, there is a judge in Memphis with some sense.

There’s something unethical about these required ethics classes for lobbyists.  It’s just the latest in a long line of what appears to be profiteering from required training or testing that seem to yield little value.  Is there something magical about charging $150 for a class or test required by the state (especially one where the participants feel like they didn’t get anything out of it, and couldn’t even have a cuppa joe to keep them awake)?

A candidate’s worst transgression (the last of many, it seems) loses him a vote (tip: Kleinheider).  As more people switch to cell phones in place of landlines, this could really impact polling and politicking.  Already, polls are skewed toward the older voter, who is more likely to 1) have a landline, 2) not screen their calls, and 3) be home to answer it.  I do realize that older citizens are more likely to vote than their younger counterparts, but that could change — and when it does, tactics will have to change with it.

Happy Thursday (for those of us on a 4×10 workweek: Functionally Friday)!

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    Ahh, Friday. I logged into work at 4 AM, so I’m not sure how long its gonna last…

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