School Board Meeting, Nov. 27

The second reading of the proposed new attendance policy was withdrawn from the agenda, and a work session will be scheduled on the matter — probably in the next week or so. In the packet provided to Board members prior to the meeting, the policy had been amended to incorporate my concerns.

I would look for the second reading to occur at the January 3 Board meeting.

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There was one speaker during the public forum: Bill Dodge reiterated his concern (from an earlier e-mail to all Board members) that the elimination of bus service within one mile of the schools would not generate the savings expected in the budget. However, the monthly financial report shows that we have used 31.4% of the allocated transportation funds thus far, but are 33.3% through the fiscal year. Put simply, we’re within budget, and it appears that the change has indeed generated the estimated savings.

Certainly, it’s at a cost of decreased service. I don’t like it. But we must operate within our available resources, and those resources are wholly beyond our control, having no way to generate additional revenue on our own.

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  1. on 17 Dec 2006 at 10:42 pm LissaKay

    I wanted to pass this bit of info your way ..

    If they do decide to go ahead with the new attendance policy, it might be a good idea to make sure that they improve the accuracy of attendance accounting first. As it is, it’s a joke.

    Anni has been out a lot this year with some major health issues. I sent in notes each time, doctor notes when we had them. Anni says she put the notes in the box outside the attendance office. But now we get letters stating that she has 6, 10, 12 unexcused absences! They also send along a copy of the attendance record … they have her present on days she wasn’t, absent on days she was there. Unexcused absences when I checked her out myself at the office, other times when I know I sent in notes. It really is pitiful. Then they already have a stupid rule saying that if it’s been more than three days, an unexcused absence cannot be changed to excused no matter what!

    They need to fix the system before they go making changes. My son was in the Knox County schools where they have similar, unrealistic and strict rules for attendance, with the added bonus of threatening parents with jail time if their kids are declared truant. Let’s just hope they don’t get any bright ideas about implementing a “Time for time” Policy. Oy!

  2. on 23 Apr 2012 at 6:16 pm Anonymous

    I am a victim of the Knox County Schools “time for time” policy. I had passing grades. I even went to the time for time detentions to try to make up for my absenses. Some days I would attend before and after school. That was an extra three hours in addition to the normal seven hour school day. I ended up missing more days because of the extra time that was taking a toll on my teenage body. It got to the point that I had more time for times to make up then there were sessions in the year. So, instead of graduating high school. I dropped out. I finded it pointless kto continue going knowing that I would not get the credits (even though I had passing grades). I am still outraged of what has happened to me to this day. I even had athletics scholorships for college lined up. What is really sad is that I am more educated than MANY High School Graduates that I know. I think it all comes down to the money!!! Sad and disgusting, but I think it it true. The school gets a certain amount of money for each student that is in attendance. Who cares about ruining lives of children…as long as they get the most money possible. When I dropped out, there were times that I would miss three days in a row, came back to a pop quiz and made the best score in the entire class. Yet, those students that I outperformed have degrees from high school and I have a G.E.D. The system is a disgrace upon society!

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