Last Day

Alpha just reminded us that today is her last day of living at home.

Tomorrow (before dawn) I’m putting her on a plane for California, where she’ll spend a couple of months in a math research internship; upon her return in August, she’ll go straight to her apartment in Knoxville.  She’ll miss her first couple of days of classes, but she’s already communicated with the professors, so it’s okay.

With a lease going through the end of next July, she’ll move from that apartment to wherever she’s going to grad school.  We don’t yet know where that will be, but seemingly, it won’t be UT.

She’s already planning on finishing her PhD, so grad school will be a few years.

For whatever reason, I guess I’ve been focused on her being in California for two months, and it never dawned on me that these last 6 weeks or so were the last she would be living at home.

It’s a strange feeling, at least for me.

Delta, on the other hand, has designs on her sister’s larger bedroom, as soon as all the belongings are moved into the apartment in August.

3 Responses to “Last Day”

  1. on 28 Jun 2009 at 5:59 am girlfriend

    You have given them wings. It is harder on the parents than on the children. Be proud and good luck to Alpha. A great success story as a parent.

  2. on 28 Jun 2009 at 9:28 am Joel

    Congratulations. You must be very proud of her and her independence.

  3. on 01 Jul 2009 at 9:31 am Mike

    I’ve been there before and we’ll both be there again. It’s not easy letting them go but it is so rewarding seeing them fly! You and hubby have done a wonderful job.

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