Forum or Brawl, part ii

The Oak Ridger’s coverage of the forum is up. Looks like one of the more interesting punches was taken by Don Layton, regarding his

…lack of adequate oversight of Anderson County Probation Services, and his closeness to Alan Beauchamp, probation services director.

Layton said it isn’t his job to supervise Beauchamp, but Rex Lynch’s guest column from December 21, 2000 indicates that Layton certainly had a hand in setting up the program, even giving Layton and Murch “most of the credit.”

Anne Phillips’ letter to Lynch from November 2003 says, in the next to the last paragraph,

Judge Layton told me that he had created that department so that Alan “would have something to do” if you were ever voted out of office.

That site has a number of interesting documents, and the URL has been circulating via e-mail this week according to the person who told me where to find it.

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  1. on 29 Jun 2006 at 6:59 am Joel

    Alan Beauchamp was a high school classmate of mine. I see he hasn’t changed much.

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