Update: Case Closed…

An article in this morning’s Chattanooga Times-Free Press (or PDF here) quotes Jesse Register, Superintendent of Hamilton County Schools, as saying:

“I think it’s good the case has been dismissed, because that means it’s been settled,” Dr. Register said. “I’m hopeful now with the small systems lawsuit out of the way that other inequities in the funding formula that don’t treat the urban systems well will be addressed, too.”

The TFP article does not directly quote the Chancellor, whose remarks in the AP story indicate that any major changes would be considered grounds for reopening the suit, and (attorney for the plaintiffs) Donelson’s argument against the dismissal specifically referenced the urban systems’ push for change.

Further down, it’s clear that Hamilton County Commissioners didn’t make that connection either:

Hamilton County Commission Chairman Larry Henry said he and several other members of the commission are prepared to enter a lawsuit to change the BEP formula, if need be.

“We’re nowhere near where we ought to be (in terms of funding), and that puts an unnecessary burden on the citizens of Hamilton County,” he said. “That would be a last resort, but if it’s what we have to do, it’s what we have to do.”

Seems we’ll have to wait a bit before drawing conclusions about whether it’s over or not.

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