The great thing about kids is…

… the things we learn from them.

Delta introduced me to the concept that one doesn’t "turn" the next year older until birthday cake is consumed.  I haven’t aged in a decade or so, having assiduously avoided birthday cake ever since.

Alpha, immersed in college culture, has tipped me off to several really good TV series this year.  I don’t usually watch much TV, so something good may come on, and I never know.  But, she called a few weeks ago to tell me that I ought to watch Fringe — sort of an updated version of X-Files, but with better acting.

And, since I’d already missed the pilot and a couple of episodes, she pointed me to Hulu, where you can watch missed episodes of almost anything online.

Over Thanksgiving break, she got me hooked on Prison Break, which has been on for a few seasons now.  Of course, only this season’s episodes are on the show’s website, so Alpha clued me in to another resource: SurfTheChannel.  There, I can go back to the very first season, and watch them online to my heart’s content.

On SurfTheChannel, the Megavideo selections are the highest quality, but they set a time limit per day on how much you can watch without joining (for a fee).   The clips are the next best in quality, and allow unlimited daily viewing without signing up for anything.  The only downside is the Japanese subtitles, but I can live with it.

It’s Tuesday night, 8 p.m., and I’m off to watch House on realtime TV.

3 Responses to “The great thing about kids is…”

  1. on 03 Dec 2008 at 6:14 am girlfriend

    I’m telling you CSI Las Vegas. I have slept through this years episodes so I am glad to see the link because I no longer have on demand.

  2. on 03 Dec 2008 at 11:43 pm Mike

    Cool information and links. Thanks Netmom.

  3. on 08 Jan 2009 at 5:03 am Ryan

    By the way, sina, tudou and 56 all have Chinese subtitles. Also, if you load these videos during the day hours, they will load far faster. These sites limit their bandwidth during peak Chinese hours (ie. around 8PM to 12PM EST)

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