Season’s Change

UT’s had a less than stellar season; at the end of this season, there’s going to be a change.

Fulmer’s outta here.  Phil’s a good man, and I wish him well, wherever he goes.

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  1. on 03 Nov 2008 at 2:12 pm Mike

    Phil Fulmer is a great man, someone we would all love to have as a close friend. I think the game got away from him in the last few years or he was too stubborn to learn new things. It is time to make a change. I hope the fans are willing to give the new coach a little time before asking for his head – unless we get Saban – anyone got $6 mil you don’t need. He has already proven that he will follow the money.

    At anyrate it is a reflective time for Coach Fuller, the UT administration, fans and especially the players. The student atheletes are usually the ones who get the least consideration in any of this but perhaps change better prepares them for the rest of their lifes.

    For all of the great memories thank you Coach Fulmer.

  2. on 03 Nov 2008 at 3:56 pm girlfriend

    He was being paid top dollar to produce. The main thing with coaching is you don’t produce, you don’t work. Winning is the name of the game. Bowl games bring revenue so that the program can continue to operate. It is big business. It is not personal. The game has passed him by and it is time for him to retire. Some can continue at any age and some cannot. He was a great recruiter but was never really a great coach.

  3. on 04 Nov 2008 at 2:36 pm Bell

    He’s a great man…with a commitment to the University of Tennessee like very few others. I’m glad he was on our side. Best of luck, coach.

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