Cool stuff online

Educate yourself and others:

Carnegie Mellon University has developed an interactive computer game dubbed Anti-Phishing Phil, which helps teach the player how to discern real websites from fakes. I breezed through the first level, but was surprised to get tripped up by one in the second round. I highly recommend that you check this out, and if you have children in the house who use the internet at all, have them play it too.

I plan to send the link to my parents, as well as to my kids. And my friends. Sure, the graphics are targeted to children, but the lessons are extremely good for all of us.

Then, have some fun:

I do like music — a lot — but I am a little particular about what I listen to. Last week, a good friend (thank you, T.) dropped a fabulous find on me — RadioTracker! Unlike most music subscription-based services I’ve found, this one actually has what I’m looking for.

You can download the software for a free trial first, just to make sure. I think it’s cool.

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