The Long Wait

Most of the competitive events here at the TSA National Conference have a finalists process, given the huge number of students (about 4,500) involved.  Generally, the finalists’ lists have been posted within a few hours of the event, so that students may arrange their schedules accordingly.  For example, if a team makes the top 10 through judging of their display and notebook, they then go on to an interview process where the judges ask them questions about their entry.

The event that I coach, Cyberspace Pursuits, is a web design challenge.  The kids spent most of the school year building and perfecting a web page about their TSA chapter; the page was uploaded to the www and the URL e-mailed to the event coordinator about six weeks ago.  It’s my understanding that the judging was supposed to take place two Saturdays ago… but something is wrong.  The results aren’t posted yet… and they’re the only team that isn’t.

Trouble is, the interview is scheduled for 11:30 today, but several of the kids have conflicts — two of the three on the team have conflicts beginning at noon.  IF they make the finals, they would have to be there for the interview promptly at 11:30, skip lunch, and go on to their next events.  At this point though, we have no idea whether there’s a conflict or not.

I won’t even be here to shuttle them between events, as I’m taking advantage of being here in Nashville to attend a BEP Review Committee meeting today with one of our new City Council members, Charlie Hensley.  It’s very nice to have City Council members interested in education issues, so I’m not going to pass up the opportunity to show him around.

Keep your fingers crossed for these kids.  There’s some serious competition around, but it would be nice to make the finals so they have the experience of the interview process.  Most of my team are 6th and 7th graders, so they’ll have another opportunity next year… but we’re still hoping for the best.

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