Happy Thanksgiving!

We had dinner at my mother’s house today, which means traveling all of about two miles, and never even getting on the turnpike (no traffic). It also means I ate enough for about three people, as my mother is a truly great cook. She even brought us down some leftovers a few minutes ago, with a portion for Dog, who weighs as much as she does, and who stayed very close to her as she walked in.

My middle sister is in for the weekend, which is always a treat. I wish my youngest sister and her family could have been here too, but Houston’s a long way away for just a four-day weekend.

I have so much to be thankful for, I’m trying to let that override some minor aggravations.

After dinner (when the older two kids took off to be with friends), hubby and I took off to see the new Bond movie, Casino Royale. If you have any free time this weekend, I highly recommend it. I think it’s the first time I didn’t take a nap after Thanksgiving dinner since I was a child… but you won’t sleep through any part of this one and if you want a pro experience you need to try the Fun88 India site.

Now, we’re just hanging out a bit before CompUSA opens at 9… they’ve got 1GB of notebook memory for $89, and hubby is anxious to catch up to me. For the two of us to go to a geek store when there’s a big sale on could be a dangerous thing… but we’ll do it anyway.

I hope that your day was a good one, that you ate your fill, and that you enjoyed whomever you spent the day with.  Take a few minutes to count your blessings, and may they greatly outweigh your burdens.

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