Now who has lumps?

Metro Pulse’s editorial lambasts Knox County Commissioner “Lumpy” Lambert for putting a stop to an attempted armed robbery by pulling his own gun, thereby persuading the would-be robber to drop his weapon and leave (leaving behind his driver’s license, having just gone for a test-drive at Lambert’s car dealership), in a piece entitled, Lambert has His Lumps All Right.


Thing is, once the sheriff’s department caught up with him, additional evidence came to light and the kid (he’s 19) would up being charged with first degree murder in a completely separate incident — the killing of a Walgreen’s truck driver in nearby Powell last weekend.  (WATE has the story)

I’m with Lumpy on this one, folks.  For that matter, with Tim Burchett too.  That doesn’t make me an advocate of vigilante justice, because neither of these responsible fellows exacted any punishment — but they stopped the crime, and allowed law enforcement to handle the rest.  If you’ve ever been a victim, you know how slow and uncertain the investigation process is.  I know.  I experienced it firsthand.

In Lambert’s case, he not only helped solve the crime committed against him, but another, more serious offense.

Metro Pulse is showing their pink stripe.

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