…and today is Wednesday

BJ is doing better today; stop by Atomictumor.com for updates as AT posts them. But don’t stop the prayers and positive thoughts, as she’s still very sick.

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Control over the US House went to the Democrats last night, and the Senate is still undetermined with the question resting on a final tally from Virginia. Alpha called this morning to note that her roommate, a resident of Lynchburg VA (home of BWXT, which co-manages Y-12 here in Oak Ridge), recognized the importance of that absentee ballot she recently cast.

Yep kiddo, every vote really does matter. You never know which one’s going to be the extra-close one. This election was Alpha’s first to participate, having turned 18 just after the August election… somehow, I think she’ll forever remember the importance of every vote now. That’s a good thing.

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MarketsThe financial markets are down this morning; I don’t know whether that’s simply fear of change, or a fear that (as repeatedly advertised during the campaigns) Democrats will raise taxes. I haven’t run the numbers on the Dem newcomers yet, but seem to recall that a goodly number of them were running as conservative as people I used to call Republicans.

Or, maybe they’re only conservative on social issues. This might worry the markets.

There could be some positive things come out of this change in leadership. For one, neither party should tolerate corruption — the issue that the pollsters are now saying drove the tidal wave. Maybe there will be some changes to No Child Left Behind that actually provide the resources to effect desired results, rather than punitive measures for schools’ inability to force uniform achievement from a non-uniform student body. Maybe there can now be some flexibility in the discussion of federal funding for embryonic stem cell research — like making it illegal to pay the donor for the embryos (much as selling human organs for transplant is illegal), but using only those slated for destruction anyway (primarily in fertility clinics).

I hope that the new congress will not result in a weakening of national defense; while I do not like being at war, I also believe that there are people in this world — both nations and more loosely governed groups — who would like to see us eliminated, and that the only thing stopping them is fear of what we could do if sufficiently provoked. I hope that the new congress will not eliminate the tax cuts of a few years ago, because revenues have actually increased as a result of more investment and velocity in the economy.

Lastly, I hope that this will result in a congress governing more from the center, and less from the fringes of either side.

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  1. on 08 Nov 2006 at 5:43 pm Joel

    Dow reaches new high on election results.


    Netmom, I’ve been invested in equities for over 15 years. Drawing conclusions from the opening movement in the first few hours of a single day is for fools, gamblers and–in your case–folks who have a political axe to grind. Serious students of the stock market know this kind of movement (up or down) is meaningless over such a short term.

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