The Pandemic

Wow — my last post was three years ago.  But now, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, I find myself with a bit more time and maybe some extraneous thoughts to purge.  So much has changed since I started this blog; namely, in the beginning I had four children at home, now I have none.  One grandson, born amid the Covid-19 pandemic in Oregon, has joined the family.

Despite the pandemic, I was there.  We arrived early, quarantined for two weeks in an AirB&B, and got to hold and spoil him for a few days before returning home.  It was hard to leave, but I grew increasingly concerned that, had we stayed until our originally planned return, we might not be able to get home at all.

But home I am, with He Who Tames Flying Monkeys, Delta (who is working from home for the foreseeable future), canine Loki, feline Tesla, and avian Georgie.  I have learned that effective meetings can be conducted via Zoom, and find myself wondering why anyone ever has any other kind of meetings.  I miss my favorite waiter at Gallo Loco, which has closed, and I miss Friday evenings at Crafter’s Brew — though I’m most grateful that they’re still open for an hour or so a day for growler refills.  [Helpful hint: 3-liter cranberry juice bottles hold more than a standard growler.]

I still maintain an interest in education, and worry what this greatly-extended Spring/Summer break will bring for the 4,800+ students in this district, that I consider “mine.”  Since my last writing, we’ve gone to 1:1 devices for all students grades 2-12, but elementary students don’t take their laptops home.  Now, with no school, I’m wondering if that’s a mistake.  How many might be playing games in Dreambox (math) if they had their own computers?  Some families have devices the kids can use, but some don’t.  I worry about our teachers, who are having to come up with distance learning for their students, with little or no professional development in that area.  I really worry about the high school seniors, who will graduate — but without the standard trappings of a prom, senior week, graduation exercises, etc.

I wonder why Ruth’s Chris (one of the most expensive steakhouses in which I’ve ever dined) got a bailout, but the local mom-and-pop restaurants that I prefer, got nothing.  I wonder why people who got tax refunds got a stimulus deposit right away, but the people who have to pay (though well within the guidelines for a stimulus check) got nothing.

I wonder if there will ever be such a thing as “normal” again.  I want to go see my parents, but having flown cross-country a week ago, I am refraining until it’s been two weeks.  I’m staying home.

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