AtomicTumor commented on the previous post that he fears a chilling in the web community… fear not. There are some wonderful resources out there:

Keep on Blogging!

Also, see “Libel in the Blogosphere: Some Preliminary Thoughts” by Glenn Reynolds, UT Law Professor and blogger extraordinaire (Instapundit).

And here is where I contemplate these weighty issues. You can tell it’s really troubling me, can’t you?

5 thoughts on “Resources

  1. I’m terribly sorry AT; I should have given you “hat tip” credit for the link to the

    Snicker… no, I’m not stupid. Farm, lake, and beach (with tides) all in one place. Can’t beat it — at least in July-August. Wouldn’t want to be here in January.

    Made a cherry cobbler today, out of cherries I picked fresh from the tree. Was yummy.

  2. Madam, you misunderstand me, my finger is raised in pure jealosy of your current living conditions.
    How are the skeeters?

  3. I’m sorry to see you are still citing Instahack. His shallow and vacuous record of dishonesty is long and well-documented. Here is a recent example:

    I realize that as a former Republican Party chair, your loyalty to party has primacy and a critical assessment of Glenn Reynolds is too much to ask of you. But Reynolds’ track record is not one that a thinking person would want to associate themselves with.

    However, unlike Reynolds, I do note that you accept comments.

  4. Joel, my reference to Reynolds (in this case) is more in regard to his status as a professor at the UT Law School, but the fact that he’s one of the country’s most active bloggers causes me to pay particular attention to his opinions on this particular subject.

    As to the former Party chair bit, make sure you put the emphasis on former. I still consider myself a Republican, but no longer one of the party faithful.

    In local races in particular, I mix it up pretty well. It depends on individual qualifications and views more than labels.

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