Sad News…

I learned just this morning of Marshall Whisnant’s passing on Saturday night. It is yet another crushing loss for Oak Ridge; his service on the planning commission, the education foundation, and various business and civic organizations was legendary.

For me, Marshall was a source of inspiration, of perseverance, a ready smile and always a touch of humor. A few years ago, my husband and I would play tennis on Sunday afternoons (when the courts were least crowded, in order to not disturb those more proficient than ourselves). Marshall was frequently sitting on the porch watching, always ready with a cheer in the unlikely event that I pulled off an ace or managed to drop a ball just barely over the net and out of reach.

Losing “Big Dave” Bolling, Larry Dickens, and now Marshall in the space of a few months has been tough. As our county and our town face future challenges, I’ll always ask myself what they would have done.

Now, it’s up to the rest of us to summon the courage and leadership to move the community forward in the selfless, but passionate way of those who went before us.

Rest well, dear friend. I know I’ll see you again.

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