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We often complain in Oak Ridge that we don’t get much coverage of Anderson County government. It may be true that many don’t care — but it may also be true that it’s hard to care about that of which you have little (if any) information.

The Clinton Courier News unquestionably provides the most coverage of county government, and for a time I subscribed for that purpose. However, I got the news a couple of days late, since the paper arrived by mail. I’ve found it’s more efficient just to buy one, since it’s not available online.

Today’s edition contains the paper’s endorsements, notable because that paper most closely covers the County government and thus would probably have the most information to work with. It’s worth picking up a copy, available at Rocky Top Markets and several other locations in Oak Ridge.

Endorsed are Dave Clark for District Attorney, Bill Lantrip for Chancellor, David Stuart for General Sessions Judge, April Meldrum for Juvenile Court Judge, and Bill White for Sheriff.

I think this may be the first time that Ron Bridgeman and I have agreed on selections for every office — at least every office for which he offered an opinion. Regardless of knowing the outcome in advance, pick up a copy and read it for yourself: Bridgeman provides a well-reasoned explanation for each of his picks.

Sounds like it got a little hot at the fair last night, from eyewitness reports. Some of those not endorsed seemed to wilt.

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  1. Actually, as surprising as this may sound, the Courier’s coverage of local government positively pales beside that of the humble Norris Bulletin (published since 1948). The Editor’s coverage of the Anderson County Commission, Clinton City Council, and Norris City Council is absolutly unrivaled. If you want to know what really happens in those meetings – and believe me, The Courier and Oak Ridger say surprisingly little – pick up The bulletin. The Bulletin doesn’t talk down to its readers, refusing to write at the typical 3rd grade level of most newspapers. Also, if you can find some issues going back to around October or November of last year, you’ll find ongoing annexation coverage that is simply amazing. We’re privaleged to have a voice like The Norris Bulletin in Anderson County. Honestly, the other papers really don’t even compare.
    – Kaeti, Norris

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