In a letter to the editor yesterday (5th one down, “Ramsey’s campaign ad called ‘a lie'”) , County Commission candidate Sharon Prince notes that a picture in one of Ramsey’s ads features — implying the support of — several distinguished gentlemen, three of whom are deceased.

One of those is the writer’s late husband, and her statement that the late Chancellor never supported Ramsey seems entirely credible.

It makes me wonder if Ramsey borrowed from Ophelia Ford’s playbook.

* * *

There’s a brand new local blog in town, on David Stuart’s campaign website (www.DavidStuartforJudge.com). I’d like to see more local candidates take up blogging… more local people altogether, for that matter.

Interestingly, several of the local print media folks have indicated that they do surf the blogosphere, which may be positive for the survival of their industry. Stan Mitchell, publisher of the Oak Ridge Observer, earned an even higher level of respect from me when he asked permission to quote from one of my posts.

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