The truth is out there

Over the past week, there was a guest column and a couple of letters to the editor (all from the same page of talking points, not surprisingly) alleging that our school system has been in decline under the direction of our Superintendent.  I would link to it, but I’m not inclined to assist in the publicity efforts of a small group of women whose sole goal is to get rid of our school system’s CEO.

At the Board meeting last night, data was presented that shows, rather definitively, that in fact the opposite is true: by a variety of measures, we’ve made significant gains.  Impressive gains, even.

The graduation rate is up.  TCAP scores are up.  The average ACT score of ORHS students is up.  And yes, the number of students taking AP classes is up.

Our challenges are far from over, but it’s clear to me that we are on a path of achievement, and that we have the right leadership in place to accomplish set goals and objectives.

4 thoughts on “The truth is out there

  1. Oak Ridge is fortunate to have people who use data as a guide to action. You have done so in this case, and Oak Ridge owes you a debt of gratitude for that.

  2. Because I know what you’re up against…in all realms… I applaud you all. You’ve done great things. Our kids ARE benefiting from the excellence in this school system. I’ve been doing this “kids in school” thing for 2 years now…and I’ve experienced educational trouble-shooting, problem solving and resolutions of major worries first hand, in more than one school, with the assistance of the staff. I am very satisfied with this school system, its educators, its administration and its school board. Keep up the good work!

  3. We have great schools and you are one of the special people that keep them that way. Thank you.

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