About the Bailout

I’ve been pretty much befuddled about the whole bailout mess this week, but finally, someone put it into perspective a little better.

From Blue Collar Muse:


Well, crud.  If the video isn’t showing up properly, just follow the link and read the rest of his post while you’re there.

3 thoughts on “About the Bailout

  1. As Matt Yglesias says: “The technical term for this argument is “bull****.”


    No legislation passed by either party compelled mortgage lenders to lend to unqualified buyers. The decision to lend to unqualified borrowers (many of whom were not poor) was not made by the Democratic Party. The decision to bundle these bad loans with some good loans and sell them to investors was not made by the Democratic. Greedy people made bad investments by (1) loaning money against insufficient collateral or (2) buying securities backed by worthless paper.

    It is amusing (and a little sad) that your blind loyalty to the Republican party permits you to uncritically endorse such blatant, dull-witted propaganda as the drek you linked to, Netmom. In most other areas, you are thoughtful and discerning. Why did you turn your brain off here?

    It is a sign of desperation that such absurd arguments are even suggested. Carter has been out of office for 28 years. Clinton has been out of office for 7.5 years. Republicans have been calling the shots (and proudly) for the past 7.5 years. And yet Republicans are still blaming Carter and Clinton? LOL!

  2. Ah, but now I understand. I posted *text.* My bad.

    Rational argument, in the 21st century, is not conveyed by text, but by video (ideally accompanied by a [outdated] soundtrack).

    OK, here’s my rebuttal (sans Dire Straits), using the same technology and logic used to buttress the argument you linked to:


    Content-free? You bet! Just like the link you posted!

    Now can we go back to behaving like educated adults?

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