It could be worse…

The whole gasoline supply/pricing issue remains tumultuous, but I finally filled up this morning for the first time since before the run on the pumps just before Ike hit Houston.

My west-end Weigels apparently is able to keep half a week’s supply on hand.  Trucks arrive on Tuesday night or Wednesday morning, and the price is $3.39, just like it was last Wednesday.

All in all, I’d rather have affordable fuel available half the time, than price-gouging every day.  Either way, I’ll drive less, but this way hurts less.

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It could be worse, for sure.  My sister in Houston reports this morning that she still doesn’t have power at her house, and that her kids won’t be back in school until at least Monday.  Apparently, the eye of the hurricane passed right over her house; there are still downed power lines across the playground at my nephews’ school.

Hard to fill a gas tank if the station has now power, I guess.  And it’s a lot hotter in Houston than it is here — they still need air conditioning.

Maybe now,  they will think about moving to Oak Ridge.  I’d like that.

2 thoughts on “It could be worse…

  1. Yep, I have a sister-in-law and brother-in-law living in Houston. Same story, except that I think they now have power. Things have not been pretty there. Still a mess.

  2. We’ve got family in Pasadena and Clearlake. Although the media has focused on Galveston, they were hit pretty hard. Clearlake folks just got power back on, but 7 of their schools were badly damaged yet are set to re-open on the 29th. While our family’s homes weren’t damaged, entire subdivisions near by were destroyed. DH’s grandmother in Pasadena has power but no A/C. Houston humidity and the refinery odor are pretty bad under normal circumstances. It must be unbearable now.

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