Gas boycott, day 4

Most stations around Oak Ridge are still out of gas; the few who do have any seem to only have premium, at something approaching $5.30/gal.

No thanks.

After shuttling Beta around on Saturday, to work, and then back to school in Knoxville, I’d used up about half of the gas I had in my car.  The one I DID NOT fill up when everybody hit the panic button last Friday.  So, I figure I have two or three gallons left.  I’m saving it… because I don’t plan to fill up again until this little self-inflicted crisis is over.

Today, my best and favorite client needed me on the East end of town.  After ascertaining that business attire was not required, I made the decision to take my bike.  That’s bicycle, not motorcycle.  I scavenged up a little nylon backpack-thingy that I brought home from some conference, and stuck a notebook and my purse inside.  Also a bottle of water, which was a very good thing.

It was a lovely day for a ride; the upside of the Turnpike construction is that there’s a nice row of barrels between me and the cars.  It was 7 miles each way, so I got a little exercise, saved half a gallon of gas, and feel pretty good about it.

Very good, actually. 

10 thoughts on “Gas boycott, day 4

  1. Good luck on that one, Joel. She won’t wear a helmet bicycling, or going down a black at full speed on skis. Netmom is more into style than safety, imho.

  2. Actually realtorchick, I bought myself a bike helmet (and lock) this morning. I don’t go fast enough on a bicycle to do much damage, but sharing the road with cars and all… figured I ought to.

    As for the slopes, forget it. Has more to do with the feeling of freedom than style, though. Style is for you apres-ski bunnies who’ll spend a fortune on ski clothes, then sit in the bar all day.

  3. “Style is for you apres-ski bunnies who’ll spend a fortune on ski clothes, then sit in the bar all day.”


  4. “I don’t know about helmets…”

    I do. Seven years ago, I was in a bike accident that resulted in a broken clavicle, four broken ribs, a punctured lung and a concussion. My helmet was cracked, not my skull.

    I would no more ride my bike without a helmet than I would drive my car without wearing a seat belt.

  5. How funny that I was posting while you were buying a helmet. I really am not surprised….what are you having for dinner? Seems we have held out a trend for nearly 16+ years of reading each other’s mind. As for the ski helmet, I have said my peace and will always be behind you, as you are much more of a daredevil and I am much more at peace with picking up the garage sale, whether you or hubby.

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