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Beta, the freshman physics major, was home over the weekend.  I gave her an idea that I’d certainly be willing to pay for… but she  says that’s "not her kind of physics."  So, if there are any other inventor-types out there…

I like the sound of cicadas on a summer night; I enjoy listening to rain on the leaves, or a soft breeze.   Nothing is more relaxing than the sound of a river in the mountains.  I abide the sounds of traffic when I’m in town, simply because I have to.  However, I should not have to abide the sounds emitting from some freak’s car with bass speakers the size of my chest freezer, creating a "thumpa-thumpa-thumpa" that I can feel through the soles of my feet in the parking lot, in my car on the road, or even inside my own home.

It’s illegal (we do have a noise ordinance), but evidently it’s not very well enforced.

I need a keychain-sized device that works as a kind of ray gun, emitting an electromagnetic pulse that will blow the  speakers of any vehicle within earshot.  As easy as clicking the door-lock button on my car’s remote, I would shut down these menacing thumpers permanently.

The idea came to me on Friday in the Kroger parking lot, but another such vehicle that rattled the windows just now got under my skin enough to throw the  idea to the blogosphere.

Afer all, this is Oak Ridge.  If anyone knows how to build such a thing, they’ll be here.

2 thoughts on “Invention idea

  1. The military has such a device. Contact ORNL technology transfer for possible License agreement. Oh, by the way, it can disrupt Pacemakers and other electronics within a half mile.

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