Hurricane Update

The only communication I’ve had with my sister in Houston has been via text messages, but she left the airport this afternoon (where she spent the night at work, keeping their IT systems alive) to check on her husband and two sons.

In Kingwood, where they live (north-northeast Houston, just above Humble), there is no power, no phone service, and cell phones are out.  But her family is fine, and the house — the house that they just moved into in June — is okay.

After checking on everyone, she headed back to work.  

At least the temperatures have moderated to about 80 degrees — cool and comfortable by Houston standards — with the lack of air conditioning.

6 thoughts on “Hurricane Update

  1. Having endured several days last summer in 90+ weather, I can say with confidence that this, too, will pass.

  2. I’m just relieved that they’re all okay, and no major damage to the house. The rest is just inconvenience.

  3. My aunt in Friendswood is ok too! She txted her daughter “Im ok was like a warzone house has no major damage trees down fence down got to boil water”

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