Rules of Governance

An interesting item was brought to my attention this evening by former School Board Chair Ann McNees, regarding City Council’s “Budget and Tax Committee:”

From the City Charter (2004 revision), Article II, Section 8, Council Rules — Transaction of Business:

The last sentence reads,

There shall be no standing committee of the council.

So, is the “budget and tax committee,” comprised of just three members appointed by either the Mayor or the Council, an illegal committee?

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  1. on 01 May 2007 at 7:50 am Citizen Netmom » Political Notes

    […]  *  *  *A more open process would have been helpful in the Budget & Tax committee meeting of April 17.  Even though the meeting was open to the public and a few did attend, it wasn’t televised, and there’s a heated dispute now brewing over Councilman Abbatiello’s statement in last night’s work session that "the school board refused to answer" his questions. […]

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