Move-in day, round 2

After church this morning, we began the second day of moving kids off to college.  This time, it was setting up Alpha in her new apartment.  It’s still part of the university residence hall system, but this year, she’s off the meal plan and has a kitchen of her own.  It’s an exceedingly nice place — better than any of the digs I had in college, or even immediately thereafter.

Like Beta, she’s way up in the sky.  However, after lugging boxes up 10 flights of stairs several times yesterday, today we decided to be slackers and wait for the elevator.

And wait…
and wait…
and wait…

This, after waiting an hour for a cart.  But we lucked out today and got a humongous cart, so we only had to make five trips (the first and the last were without the cart).

I’m going to hear that elevator alarm buzzing in the back of my mind for weeks.

Although I’m exhausted, I’m now home with only two children — two who are ready for back-to-school tomorrow!
*  *  *  *  *
Tomorrow is a big day: the official dedication of our new high school.  I’ll be there — why don’t you join me?

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