Two Decades

Yesterday, we celebrated Alpha’s 20th birthday.

This picture wasn’t quite 20 years ago, but about seven months later, but it’s one of my favorites.  I used to worry about her getting sunburned, getting enough of the right things to eat, getting lost, getting hurt… you know the list.  It’s every parent’s list.

Today, all of those same worries are still there, but add to it a host of others — safety on the road, in her new apartment, and on and on.  However, her track record shows that most are imaginary worries, except perhaps the part about getting lost.  So, for her birthday, she became the proud new owner of a Garmin GPS navigator.

She spent the summer on a research project in Georgia; next summer, she’s hoping to be learning cryptography at the NSA.  No telling where she’ll end up, but at least now, she can get there.

*  *  *
The excitement doesn’t end for us though — our house looks every bit like we’re all moving out, with boxes stacked all over the place, and stuff strewn about everywhere there isn’t a box.  We’re not abandoning our house… but the older two are checking in to their accommodations at UT.

Following Alpha’s lead, Beta recently procured a new MacBook (and free iPod Touch to go with it) so that she’s ready for college.  Although it’s true that the MacBook costs about double a comparably-equipped PC, Microsoft stopped allowing new machines to be sold with XP rather than Vista on July 1.  My limited experience with Vista is more than enough to figure that if she has to learn a new OS anyway, she might as well learn OSX.

(Someone is wearing a big "I told you so" grin.  You know who you are.)

Sunday evening, I’m going to learn what it’s like to have only two kids at home.  Only one who can’t drive herself around.  I almost feel as though I’m being fitted for wings.

6 thoughts on “Two Decades

  1. This one was in Florida. My little sister’s roommate bailed out on their Spring Break trip at the 11th hour, so Katie and I went with her instead.

  2. Wow, I cannot believe it is finally here. Good luck to two of my favorite girls. What a future they have ahead of them!!!

  3. Love that picture! Happy Birthday, kbuugggy! She is exceptional. Are you really old enough to have given birth 20 years ago? I can’t believe it.

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