Four days and some hours until I check Beta into her dorm at UT.  One day beyond that, and Alpha moves in.  I’ll be down to just two children at home, and it’s the two who get along rather well.  I’m thinking it’s going to be a very good year.

Next Monday, the new ORHS opens to students, and at 3 p.m., to the public.  I hope you’ll all come to the grand opening ceremony — it wouldn’t have happened without you!

This morning at the teachers’ back-to-school breakfast, the air was practically crackling with excitement!   I spoke with several new teachers, all of whom were excited to be here because they have kids, and they wanted their own children in Oak Ridge Schools.

Everyone’s tickled with the new digs.

I also took an impromptu tour of the new Alternative School in G-Building.  Compared to the new high school, it clearly isn’t new; compared to the Daniel Arthur building where they’ve been for the last several years, it’s a palace.  I’m impressed with the security features (alarms on every door except the main door, which goes through the office; physical separation of the middle and high school grades), and think this is going to work out much better.

Just a few more days of Summer for the kids, but they’re ready to go back to school.  And I’m ready for them to go.

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