Good as New

Aahhh… nothing like a few days in the woods to restore the soul.

This morning, while Hubby, Delta, and Dog were still sleeping, I hopped on my bike and rode down to the dam to catch the morning rays in the water. This shot is looking back toward the lake through the downhill side of the dam — I think this one was designed as an overflow spout, but it wasn’t anywhere near overflow stage.

Still, it was pretty.

To the right is a view from the top of the dam — yes, the one I was told not to climb and did anyway (twice). The chute that I climbed didn’t have any water falling so the stone steps were dry, and all but one were low enough that I could just pull myself up the next one. There was one where I had to grip the rocks on the side and sort of shinny up the side wall, but it was no big deal. Really. And the view was worth it.

All is right with the world again.

Coming home, I had my faithful companion drooling over my shoulder most of the way (as seen through the rearview mirror here), but that’s okay too.

Some days, there’s nothing like a friend who loves you no matter how worthless you are to the rest of the world. That’s Dog. However, after a few days of renewal, now I feel like I can take on the world again with a rational perspective.

Let me know before Tuesday evening what makes the most sense to cut from the school budget. I have my own thoughts, of course, but input is always welcome and considered.

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