Sunday: child Delta confirmed; child Alpha’s convocation ceremony attended.
Monday: City Council meeting… undesirable result.
Thursday: Child Alpha graduated; chaperoned graduation celebration from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Friday. Lots of Starbucks consumed.
Friday: Finished a little work that had lingered; packed everyone for various destinations over the weekend, hitched up the little camper and left for the woods.

It is in the woods that I can get everything back in the proper balance. I’ve slept about twice as much as usual, ridden my bike around wherever I need to go (the pool, mostly, but also to the little bridge with a dam underneath). I’ve cooked on an open wood fire, read some more of my first Sharyn McCrumb novel (A Rosewood Casket), and just sat and listened to the woodpecker that seems to hang out overhead.

This morning, I climbed the stone dam (across, I think, the Obed river), much to Hubby’s chagrin… he doesn’t like heights. I do, and I’ve climbed like a monkey since I was a child. So I pretended not to hear the cries of “don’t do that” and did anyway.

Youngest child Delta, the only one to accompany us on this trip, informed me later that he said I was going to die if I fell. I told her that’s why I didn’t fall.

We biked back to camp and I took yet another luxurious nap while he took Dog on another several-mile walk. Dog likes that. Delta biked to the pool.

As a thundercloud threatened, I gave in to Hubby’s jonesing for a hotspot and we headed for the DQ at exit 320, where we now sit. But, that peanut buster parfait is making me sleepy… it may be time to go back and throw a few logs on the fire, then take another nap as the logs burn down to perfect cooking coals.

Nothing tastes so good as whatever is cooked on an open fire in the woods. Tonight’s fare will be kielbasa with potatoes and onions, with slabs of fresh tomato and cottage cheese on the side. Dessert: s’more s’mores.

Already, I think that my sanity is returning. I can be nice again. I can think clearly, make sound decisions, and not bite people’s heads off at the slightest offense.

Although challenges remain upon my return, I will be equal to them. Have a great Sunday.

2 thoughts on “Outposting

  1. Ah, the woods. There’s something about being able to get out into the woods and just wander around.

    We went to the O.R. pool today. It’s certainly not low on the human count like the woods are. It’s a relaxing place in its way, though. Nobody is expecting you to get anything done there. Perhaps that’s part of the charm.

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