Fifteen seconds this evening wiped out a month of exhaustion, frustration, and anything else negative that may have happened in the last month… or the last three years.

This evening, I handed my eldest child her diploma.

I didn’t cry, but it was close. She’s worked so hard, climbing from the lowest math and reading classes in early elementary school, to knocking out AP exams in AP Calculus, Physics C, and Chemistry this year. Oh, and lest I forget, she earned a nice little scholarship from the UT College of Engineering.

All of last year, she arrived at school an hour early to soak up whatever extra physics she could from Peggy Bertrand (one of ORHS’s very gifted teachers); most of this year, she arrived by 5:30 to get in some extra calculus with Ms. Hillis (another great one) and then additional physics — her favorite subject.

I’m very proud of her, but I’m sure you’ve gathered that already.

And now, true live journaling from the now-famous Graduation Celebration! About 85% of the graduating class is here — safe, busy, and enjoying every last minute.

From line dancing, sumo wrestling, twister on a giant inflated mat, dance dance revolution, the graduate store, the thank-you note room, the buffet… there’s so much to do, and happy kids everywhere.

Earlier, each studied the sharp Chevy Blazer to be given away at 6 a.m. to the lucky one who can come closest to guessing the number of balloons stuffed inside. From some who studiously calculated the internal area of the vehicle and the average volume of balloons, to random guesses, each has a shot at the grand prize.

Watch more more a little after 6 a.m., and I’ll let you know who drives away with it, thanks to a gallon or so of Starbucks coffee (donated, of course, like everything else here).

Thanks to Karen Bridgeman and the many people who started this event ten years ago, to all the businesses and people who contributed money, gifts, prizes, and time to throw a grand community party for our graduates.

This is the best city on earth.

6:02 a.m. update:
Mark Cardinal won the car, guessing the exact number of balloons inside and being the random winner among the 10 envelopes distributed to the 10 closest guessers. Congratulations!

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  1. Congratulation Netmom to your and your daughter. You have many reasons to be proud. Wishing your daughter good luck in whichever path she chooses.

    Keep up the good work!

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