A Loss for Education

Tennessee will suffer a significant loss on Feb. 1, when Commissioner of Education Lana Seivers leaves that post to take a job in Mississippi.

Word on the street is that Deputy Commissioner Tim Webb is her likely replacement.

Working through the first five years of No Child Left Behind and other challenges, Commissioner Seivers has guided our state through steady improvements — in accountability, in funding, in a variety of ways.

Lana served previously as the Superintendent of Clinton City Schools, and at one point, was Principal of Oak Ridge’s Linden Elementary.  She has been open and accessible to those of us who approached her about improving education, and she will be missed.

11 thoughts on “A Loss for Education

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  2. “… at one point, was Principal of Oak Ridge’s Linden Elementary …”

    Given my (and my wife’s) experience with people in that position, I’m sure you’ll forgive my uncontrollable guffawing.

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  5. Commissioner Seivers is a Class Act. She has been to the school in my district on several occasions. She enjoyed her time at that school and always viewed it as an institution that was capable of many things. She is missed already.

  6. Ah, so that’s what that thread was all about. I guess I was confused because (a) I didn’t see the posts where Selvers is mentioned by name (actually, I still haven’t seen one, but I got tired after page 8), and (b) at least one post refers to the principal as “he.”

    Reading the thread over, one can easily gain the impression that the issue was Dr. Bailey and not Ms. Selvers.

  7. Joel, Lana Seivers left Linden many years before RGal arrived to teach there. RG has some understandable frustration — perhaps with the last two principals — but there’s no overlap with Lana’s time here.

  8. Ah. OK, so I was looking for a context that wasn’t there.

    I guess I still don’t see why the fact that Seivers was a principal at a school that later had troubled principals is relevant.

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