I’ve occasionally pondered the plight of adopted children, who may or may not wonder about their birth families.  Never — not once — had I ever thought about this possibility.

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On an unrelated note, I realize I haven’t done so well with my New Year’s resolution to write more often, and of greater substance.  However, with the beginning of the legislative session and the school budget process picking up steam, I expect to do better soon.

2 thoughts on “Bizarre

  1. While this is certainly an unfortunate circumstance for those directly involved, I’ll bet that someone has either written a book or made a teleplay about similar situations. If I recall correctly, the movie Star Wars touched on the concept…

    Furthermore, I’ll bet that some politician — based on this isolated incident — will cause significant and precious resources to be diverted in an attempt to have some piece of legislation passed that will, purportedly, prevent another occurrence of this statistically improbable event.

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