4 thoughts on “Grinch pays a visit to Hillary

  1. Heh.

    Yeah, after watching her Republican counterparts make the same sort of blunder, you’d think her staff would have avoided this mistake.

    “On November 9, 2007, Bernard Kerik, whom Giuliani had appointed to several top positions during his mayoralty, brought in as a partner at Giuliani Partners, and recommended for Secretary of Homeland Security, was indicted on 16 counts of tax fraud and other federal charges.”


    “Republican presidential candidate Fred D. Thompson has been crisscrossing the country since early this summer on a private jet lent to him by a businessman and close adviser who has a criminal record for drug dealing.”


    “On Monday, [Larry] Craig quit Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign, shortly after the Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call revealed the plea and arrest details.


    “An official with the John McCain presidential campaign was arrested for allegedly soliciting oral sew from a policeman in Florida yesterday. Bob Allen, a mamber of the Florida House of Representatives, is one of six Florida co-chairs for the Arizona Republican senator’s 2008 White House bid.”


  2. Maybe you could send your copy of “The Grinch” to her campaign for further viewing pleasure.

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