Christmas Eve’s Eve

I’m back now, but here’s a picture of where I was for the last week — what the week before Christmas should look like.

My dear mother-in-law is doing so much better than just a few scant months ago.  Once again, she’s up before the sun, cooking and baking and planning her day.  She’s now willing to get out of the house now and then, going to church on Sunday to show off her bountiful crop of grandchildren, and out to eat a couple of times.

We had to go out to eat a few times to avoid overeating, as her kitchen was filled with innumerable goodies — apple pie, apple cake, custard pie, brownies, fudge, applesauce cookies (can you tell that they had a wonderful apple crop this year?).

The kids had great fun tying an old plastic sled to the back of a three-wheeled ATV, pulling each other through the orchards and trails on the farm.  Oft as not, Dog was chasing behind, burning off some of his energy.

We left about 3 pm yesterday — seven people and Dog, ski gear, apples, and all our winter accoutrements — and drove through a driving rain for fifteen hours.  Coming across Jellico Mountain this morning was rough, with a brutal wind shaking the Suburban all over the road.  Watching the Weather Channel this afternoon though, I’m glad we left when we did, because all that rain is now ice and snow the entire length of Indiana and lower Michigan.

I love snow when I don’t have to drive long distances in it.  Now home, it’s time to finish preparations for the exciting days to come.

3 thoughts on “Christmas Eve’s Eve

  1. Looks like a picture for a Christmas Card. I miss the snow, it really gives you the spirit.

  2. Nice pic.

    “I love snow when I don’t have to drive long distances in it.”

    Which is why we stopped driving to OR for Xmas. We always met a storm either coming or going.

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