Smile, yet cringe

HWTFM and I took a short drive out to Jansch Nursery this afternoon — with Dog — to pick out this year’s tree.  We usually get one with a ball so we can plant it in the yard afterward, rather than wasting a perfectly good tree.

In front of a little church along the way, the sign said, "Behold a virgin will bare a child."

Naturally, the image that flashed through my mind was the traditional acting-out of the nativity scene by young children in the church, with perhaps a 7 year-old Mary un-swaddling the baby doll that always gets to play Jesus.

11 thoughts on “Smile, yet cringe

  1. You may have uncovered an entrepreneurial opportunity for someone to develop marquees and billboards with built-in spell checkers.

  2. Ah, but no spell checker would have caught that one, since “bare” is a legitimate word. Probably not what the pastor meant to say, though.

  3. LOL! That reminds me of a bridal boutique we once saw where the marquee said “Bridle”. Too bad they caught it and corrected it before we could snap a photo…. (Of course, the change ruled out any intentional designs the owners had for a “Western Bridal & Tack Boutique”!

  4. This wasn’t quite in Wartburg… more like Petros/Joyner. And, while it might be different from Oak Ridge, I certainly wouldn’t qualify it as the armpit of the world. I think Detroit already has claim to that classification.

  5. According to a Co-worker from the area which you speak, ” The only Virgins in Morgan County are ugly third graders”

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