More Letters to Council

As yesterday, I will post letters to Council from the parent listserv as they come in. This morning’s first edition is fairly strong:

I am also in complete agreement with the previous authors. Please do not make any cuts to the school budget, and make any increases necessary to maintain the high level of education the city of Oak Ridge has historically offered. I am in favor of increasing property taxes to achieve this goal. Besides, I’d hate to have to spend all of my time campaigning against the current council members during the next election
– soccer season is busy enough as it is.


I feel certain there are more to come.

Don’t cut our children’s opportunities.

The fact that these cuts were seriously considered in the first place makes me ask myself who the heck is these people on the council really are?!? What makes this community a great place to raise a family are the people living here and our common values we place on things like diverse educational opportunities. Taking away those things will not be taken lightly and I believe is not an acceptable answer here in Oak Ridge. BECAUSE of the importance this town and it’s people have put on education in the past I believe we have the mental horsepower to come up with a much better answer than this.

We need to be looking for more opportunities to offer our children, not less.


To be fair, Council can only approve a budgeted amount for the schools, not what does or does not get cut if the sum is inadequate.

Ladies and Gentleman, Over the last few days I have been reading messages about the proposed budget cuts effecting school programs. I know first hand that being held to or restricted by a budget is very frustrating and looking for funds is a daunting task. There are multiple comments that have been sent your way that have mentioned young families moving into Oak Ridge due to the school system. It appears to me that the last thing the city wants to do is disappoint new residents or discourage any potential new residents from moving on in by cutting programs from the schools. Thinking long term the city needs to attract young families to maintain what our past and present citizens worked so hard for. The Oak Ridge school system is a bright jewel in the city’s crown. Please look for new revenue and/or substitutions. Thank you for your time,

But, they do approve the budget amount, and the school board has tried to be open and forthright about the seriousness of the situation… it’s not just scare tactics.

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