Be part of the solution

Trina’s started a virtual brainstorming session over at, and it’s done in a most tasteful manner. 

Everyone around here knows what happened a week and a bit ago.  It was incredibly easy for some to jump on the "blame" bandwagon (including the local newspaper, via a tasteless poll for readers to throw their virtual daggers), but Trina resisted the temptation to say "I told you so."  Even though she had — many times.

Rather, she’s thrown out a list of suggestions — some expensive, some free, some in between — and an invitation for others to participate.  Collectively, we’re far smarter than any one (or five, or seven), and surely there are some good answers out there.

Some entail personal responsibility; others are decidedly public.  If you have an idea, throw it in there.  Your decision-makers are listening.

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