No Words

There are no words for this day.

Today, I had to tell my youngest child that her 12 year old friend and classmate has died.  A child that everyone loved, who was kind, whom everyone in the rough-and-tumble middle school world considered a friend.  That’s a rare thing, but Ashley was a rare child.

It was incredibly hard to tell her.

A year ago, I engulfed myself in prayer each day for GAC, to no avail.  Now, the same thing again, with the same dismal result.  I cannot second-guess God, but I will not pretend to understand.  I don’t understand. 

The blame game has begun, but the only acceptable response is to listen and understand without responding about budget constraints, or quirks of fate, or any of those other things… because when faced with such a monumental loss, none of those things matter at all in perspective.

11 thoughts on “No Words

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  2. No, I don’t understand either.

    I hope you will take the blame game with a grain of salt at this point. Later will be the time to figure out how to deal with this tragedy. Now is the time to grieve, not determine budgets.

  3. For clarification’s sake:

    I hope you’ll take people trying to play the blame game w/ a grain of salt. Those sorts of questions can, and will be, dealt w/ soon enough.

  4. I’m with Bos. Our basic instinct when faced with an unimaginable tragedy is to classify it in terms of something we understand. But that lens often clouds our judgment, and we miss the deeper meaning and the sentiment that affects us all. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the Paine family, to Ashley’s classmates and teachers, and to Jan Griffiths and her family.

  5. This is very sad. I have watched alot of children walking home from school and wondered how long it would be before something would happen. The school I saw the most was Willow Brook. Those small children would walk where there was no sidewalk part of the way. They would have to walk by Jefferson Tavern. It is sad to see this. Im sorry but I will have to disagree “with none of those things matter at all in perspective.” Something has to be done. I for sure dont have the answers but, someone does.
    Netmom keep your head up!

  6. Just too too sad to comprehend. I can’t imagine the pain everyone associated with this is feeling. Hope your daughter is doing ok.

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