Censored Again!

Anderson County government is again selectively blocking websites from County computers, but only those where content might be found that certain officials deem politically disagreeable.

Two days ago, I praised them for removing the block, but it must have been an accident.  This morning, I’m blocked again, as is BullMoose and Atomic City Talk.  My speculation for the reason is that all three of these have been home to some discussion about double-dipping on the County payroll, critique of the Budget Director (Gail Cook) for refusing to release to County Commission a list of all County employees who are paid out of multiple pay codes, possible insurance contract kickbacks, etc.

In my view, that’s a reasonable topic for public discussion.

Personally, I’m tempted to contact Lewis Cosby — the retired CPA who recently undertook a review of problems in Knox County — and see if he might be interested in digging into Anderson County’s records as well.  The guy could quickly develop a reputation of being the taxpayer’s Superman.

I’ll say it again: if the County deems it necessary to ensure productivity by blocking non-work-related websites, so be it.  But if they’re going to do so, they ought to be blocking ALL non-work-related sites, including those owned by County Mayor Rex Lynch’s direct reports for personal profit.

7 thoughts on “Censored Again!

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  2. Do you think it could have been a setup trying to catch the employees who view your sight and the others?

  3. I think all non-work-related websites need to be blocked on all government computers. I, for one, do not want my tax dollars spent paying government employees to surf the web.

  4. Mudball, if they were ALL blocked, I wouldn’t have a problem with it. The problem is that sites are selectively blocked, and it certainly appears that the selection is based upon whether the site contains opinions critical of the current administration.

    If Atomic City Talk is blocked, then the Oak Ridger Forum should be as well. If this site is blocked, then Inside Anderson County should also be off-limits. That’s why I assert that this is censorship — it’s selective.

  5. Interesting, Mudball. Are you certain that the cost of a web content filter and the additional IT headaches would be less that the cost of having open internet access for employees? Or is that just a kneejerk reaction?

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