Joy of Reading

I’m finished.

After a full day at the farm and a long, relaxing bike ride around the lake, I settled in for some serious reading time last night with the book.

"Serious reading time" has been a challenge, sandwiched between the farm chores and three other people in my family (Gamma, Delta, and HWTFM) who are also reading the same copy. But I snagged a few hours last night, and a few more today. Now, I know how it ends.

I refuse to be a spoiler, but absolutely marvel in the ability of JK Rowling to spin a tale — a series of tales — that thoroughly enchant so many, from early elementary school students to retirees. Before the Harry Potter series, many children had lost the enjoyment of chapter books. Thanks to Rowling’s magic, so many have rediscovered the sheer joy of losing themselves in the printed works, and have recognized why movies, while entertaining, are no substitute.

Riding around the lake (12 miles or so), I was really grateful that I gave up smoking some 5+ months ago. Although it wasn’t particularly hilly, we traversed pavement, gravel, dirt, and even sand. Riding a bike in deep, soft sand is a LOT of work, not to mention slippery.

After taking a day off from the farm today, I feel ready to have some fun!

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