Life in the Trees

Life in the trees… you know, we’re missing out on something in the ordinary, work-a-day world.

The daily grind provides the resources to buy most of what we need, and even what we perceive as happiness some of the time, but then there are days like this one: no sound but the wind, no task but the firm ripe globes of goodness hanging from the trees.

Missing lunch is no big deal; I had cherries for lunch (on the top floor).  There is no elevator, as the bed of a pickup, a ladder, or the very limbs of the trees themselves provide ample altitude.

It is in many ways a simpler life, and in other ways more harsh: much of a year’s income for the farm depends on these two weeks — whether the weather is kind, absent rain and wind that can destroy a crop, or if the temperature remains mild long enough to complete the harvest.  Too much heat, and the fruit over-ripens before it can be harvested.

This year, all has gone well so far.  Whether I can bring any of these beauties home will depend on continued cool weather.

The blueberries are just coming ripe, and there should be plenty to share when I return.

3 thoughts on “Life in the Trees

  1. Looks so peaceful. Hard work is good for the soul especially when it is outdoors. Enjoy.

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