Happy Birthday, PunkHP!


















Punk HP is 43 today… a very good year, if I do say so myself. And I do.

Much fun was had by all, including a passel of young ones (and all our kids).

There was considerable flipping, diving,  and other stunts by the revelers, along with a couple of impressive cannonballs courtesy of PunkHP himself.

A fair quantity of delicious eats were consumed, including two kinds of birthday cake — one for the Irish kid who’s camping out with Punk HP and RealtorChick for a couple of months,and the other for the birthday boy himself.

Of course, as is customary for the Irish kids and their hosts as part of the Ulster Project, there was some other activity scheduled such that he had to leave and hang out with all the other Ulster kids and their hosts.  It’s a shame — he missed a good party.

10 thoughts on “Happy Birthday, PunkHP!

  1. I notice you omitted the fact that you were pushed in the pool no fewer than twice by unnamed parties…

  2. Yes, I was pushed in the pool no fewer than twice… and I didn’t melt (or melt down). I like the water.

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