Night on the Town

Whomever said “there’s nothing to do in Oak Ridge” sure missed out this weekend… the annual Irish celebration put on by Peggy and Tom Hanrahan, of the Realty Center, was surely the place to be.

Irish balladeer Pat Kane was once again on hand to perform, and put on a trememdous show (as always). Unable to consider waiting a year to hear it again, I ordered a CD this morning — Haymaker’s Jig #2 is the sort of music that reinvigorates my spirit after a hard week like this past one has been.

The beer was very green; an outsider’s observation of the happy folk might have led to the conclusion that we had been grazing…

On Tap for Saturday and Sunday:
Friday night certainly kicked off the weekend on the right foot, but there’s more — the Dogwood Regatta is taking place today and tomorrow at the Marina. With crews in town from as far off as Ontario (Canada, not California), the finish on Sunday will feature a cardboard regatta, testing the skills of amateur boat-builders using — you guessed it — cardboard boats.

This, I’ll have to see for myself.

For Nancy:
Yesterday, you noted that the recent emergence of corruption and bribery among public officials makes you want to move to Bermuda; I theorized that while we do have problems, it’s probably better here than elsewhere in the world. Although the Middle East is probably not the most effective example, Michael Totten’s most recent entry on his Iraq visit is worth a read. We’re lucky to be here. Had I been born in Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia, I’d have been executed long ago.

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