Child Predator Arrested Again

When former Centertown teacher Pamela Rogers, 28, got out of jail for molesting a 13-year old student, it took less than a month for her to violate the terms of her 7-year probation… contacting the victim, establishing a website where she posted pictures of herself in a bikini, linked to the victim’s sister’s website, and posted messages to the victim by cryptically addressing him via the number of his basketball jersey. [see the News-Sentinel story]

Anyone — man or woman — who could claim to “fall in love with” (initiate sex with) a child of 13 needs to be put away in a very safe place for a very long time.

Granted, she doesn’t look 28, and it’s easy to see why young boys would be beside themselves for her attention.

If anything, that places so much more responsibility upon her as a teacher to conduct herself as a professional — to be sensitive to the influence she holds, and to be an advocate and protector for her students as they struggle toward developmental and emotional maturity.

Evidently, an extraordinarily light sentence was imposed because the victim’s family did not wish for him to testify.

Sometimes, the law just doesn’t make sense.

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