Election Time!

Local politics is hopping all around East Tennessee these days. I can’t say that I remember a more crowded, contested ballot in Anderson County. Early voting begins tomorrow: study the candidates (hint: pick up a copy of last Thursday’s Oak Ridge Observer for the candidate section), thoughtfully consider your options, and VOTE.

The folks in the Roane County portion of Oak Ridge (just one precinct, but the largest in the county, I think) have 30 candidates to choose from in August– including a new County Mayor, with the retirement of Ken Yager. Roane Co. doesn’t vote in May, though, as there is no primary. All county offices are nonpartisan in Roane, as they are in most of the state.

After much thought, I tend to think that’s a better way of conducting local business.

Knox County’s in for quite a spell too, with 12 members of County Commission ineligible due to the State Supreme Court’s recent term limits ruling. Brian’s blog has the complete run-down on those races, including the write-in options.

Anderson County’s election has the potential to bring real change. Watch the County Mayor’s race… it will be interesting. Two Commission districts in Oak Ridge are destined for new faces, with the retirement of two Commissioners. Robin Biloski is seeking a seat in the 8th District (Emory Valley, Glenwood, and Hendrix Creek); as the lead vote-getter in the crowded Charter Commission race three years ago, I’d look for her to do well.

Another race of interest will be the matchup of Chancellor Bill Lantrip and the current District Attorney. I have definite opinions on that one… but that’s a topic for another day.

At the very least, we’re guaranteed a new District Attorney… yet another day’s page-turner.

Remember: early voting starts tomorrow. The sun will be shining… no excuses.

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