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For weeks, the Crestpointe proposal has been in the local newspapers; it even made the Knoxville TV news once or twice (due to the petition controversy, not the decision itself).  Although there’s been no announcement from the election commission yet that the required number of signatures was certified, I can hardly believe it would be otherwise at this point.

So, it is almost certain that there will be a referendum on June 5.

I’ve attended one Council meeting and several presentations on the project, and I support it.  Some folks have come out against it for various reasons: some because of the need for City assistance, others because of the location.  However, I’m quite certain that there are a number of people — a majority, perhaps — who haven’t made a decision on whether they will support or oppose the measure in the referendum.

If you are among the undecided, what information do you need to make up your mind, how do you plan to get it, and when?

1 thought on “Decision Process

  1. I don’t know that you’ll get a lot of undecided folks here, because the people keeping up with things have most certainly made up their minds in some way or another. As always with local politics, this’ll end up trying to get the folks that don’t participate in local stuff to stand up and do so.
    However, one thing I’ve been thinking, is that the sense of this thing will hopefully become self-evident to most folks.
    Like the man said, its either do this, or watch property taxes go up.
    At least this time, as opposed to the school effort last year, there’ll be a vote.

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