Weekend Wrap

Gamma-JrSince Fat Tuesday approaches and we really can’t be hanging out late on a weeknight, we kinda-sorta had a taste of Mardi Gras last night.

Gamma and her godbrother (who doesn’t have a cool blog name yet, but soon will) posed in front of the Mardi Gras tree…

mudbugsas the mudbugs contemplated an escape. They were unsuccessful, and promptly devoured.

snowhouse This morning brought a peaceful scene, which made for a lovely drive to an uncrowded church service.

In the sermon, our minister told a funny story of a young bride who hadn’t reviewed their wedding vows prior to the ceremony, and when it came to the part about promising to obey, the bride faltered… whereupon the minister quickly resumed the ceremony.

I sat trying to contain my laughter, remembering that I had Cal Maas, who married us, take out the word “obey” and substitute “honor.”

I usually obey, except when he’s wrong.  But even when I disobey, I do try to honor him.

He who tames flying monkeys has admitted that a more docile type might not have been the best match.

10 thoughts on “Weekend Wrap

  1. Mud bugs? Where I come from they call them thar thangs, crawdaddy’s. Them shure are biggun’s. They mustu come from one of those good creeks near K-25.

  2. We wrote our own vows, which were recited at St. Mary’s in 1977. “Obey” was not a part of it. Nor has it been for the ensuing ca. 30 years.

    Yes, Jacket, they be mud bugs. And they be good eatin’.

  3. I like good eatin’ but shell fish doesn’t care much for me. I pay dearly for eating shimp. I avoid it at all costs. I imagine the large crawdads and even the small ones would react the same way on my system. Thus, I also avoid them. And yes doc, it is w/o cause as I refuse to experiment to see. The consequences are miserable with the shimp, so much so I refuse to take the chance.

    However, you all enjoy w/o me. I think I just go have another Sam Adams.

  4. Try a pinot noir instead. I’m drinking “Dyed in the Wool” just now, an inexpensive, spunky little pinot from New Zealand.

  5. I might just try that one when I go to the import beer selection next time. However, you got to be patient with me. I have just recently been weaned off Budweiser and Miller light.

  6. I’ve never been crawdad fishin’ near K-25; always found the best spot to be the crik that runs through Frozen Head State Park.

  7. OOOH, stealing crawdads that belong to the State Of TN. I have a few attorneys to recommend should you need them for grand theft crawdad. 😉

    I can offer you the same type crawdad fishing for free and w/o the risk of State prosecution. Have the middle fork of a river running through my place.

  8. I was a juvenile, and the statute of limitations has expired on that one. I probably got in much more trouble for bringing them home in my mother’s cooler (without her knowledge, until a few hot summer days later).

  9. Those still weren’t as big as you buddies up top. That is the K-25 refrence, you know, mutations.

    I killed a rattle snake in that Park also in 1978. Statute is gone on that one also, but it was self defense, I promise.

  10. Gamma’s eldest godbrother’s name is Bro. The younger godbrother’s name is Buzz. They named each other years ago and I guess it is as good as any.

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