Voting in Memphis

Memphis has taken the first steps toward correcting the voter fraud problem from last Fall’s special election, as the Commercial Appeal reports:

The infamous North Memphis precinct where ballots were cast in the names of dead voters no longer exists.

The Shelby County Election Commission has dissolved Precinct 27-1, consolidating it with an adjoining precinct.

And all the 27-1 poll workers are barred from working future elections.

“On its face, someone committed an illegal voting act,” said commission Chairman Greg Duckett. “Until it’s resolved … we as a body felt it was important that no one affiliated with that ward and precinct works for the organization.”

Efforts continue in the State Senate to determine whether a 13th illegal ballot can be documented, which would give them grounds under a federal judge’s very specific guidelines to oust Ford’s sister, Ophelia Ford, from the seat.

In any case, the 104th General Assembly is nearing its close, and Memphians have the opportunity to choose again in November.

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