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Back in November, the NNSA had a “scoping hearing” in Oak Ridge on the subject of Complex 2030, soliciting public input on options for the future of Y-12.

If you don’t live in Oak Ridge, or don’t want Y-12 here, now would be a good time to go read something else.

Most of us probably didn’t make it to the public hearing back in November, being that most of us who aren’t in violent opposition to something have plenty enough meetings to go to without taking yet another evening away from our kids. But, the NNSA is still accepting public comments up until next Wednesday — January 17 — and you can send it in by e-mail. Please do.

So easy. So necessary, because you can rest assured that Sister Felonius Lensch (or whoever she is that always gets arrested on Hiroshima Day) and the rest of the tree-hugging NIMBY gang have already provided their input by the ream.

Three options are under consideration:

  • Alternative 1: No Action
  • Alternative 2: Proposed Action – Transform to a Responsive Nuclear Weapons Complex
  • Alternative 3: Reduced Operations/Capability-Based Complex

In short, option 2 is to expand Y-12’s capabilities with additional modernization, construction and cleanup, or send the jobs and investment elsewhere (Los Alamos? Sandia? Pantex?).

Y-12 has a better track record on security than the others, and generally has a more supportive home community than most. However, we’re closer to other population centers (e.g., Knoxville) than the others, so it’s critical that people who live here express their support.

To provide your comments, as I already have, send a letter via e-mail to The letter should be directed to:

Mr.Ted Wyka

U.S. Department of Energy

National Nuclear Security Administration (NA-10.1)

1000 Independence Avenue, S.W.

Washington, DC 20585

Now, back to our regularly scheduled programming…

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