No crash and burn…

Anotherthing2 wondered if my absence was due to trying the new FireFox Alpha, but no, I didn’t crash and burn. I haven’t gathered the courage to try the new version just yet.

Instead, I took my kids camping for a few days (brrr!) at Stone Mountain, and we had a lovely time at Six Flags. Even the last ride of the day, when we’d waited for an hour and a half to ride Superman – the Ultimate Flight and ended up stuck on the tracks when the ride broke down, was a welcome break of fun and relaxation.

Hanging upside down over the people waiting in the long line to ride, I held my camera out toward the ground, facing backward and to my left, to snap this picture of my girls and and a friend beside me.

No tie here to the matters of education and public policy normally discussed, except that everyone should take time to enjoy their children once in a while. They’re grown all too soon.

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